Welcome to MichelleFit.ca

MichelleFit.ca is an Ottawa-Barrhaven based independent fitness company dedicated to enriching the lives of those who choose to live healthier lifestyles and whom are devoted to improving their overall health and wellness. My promise to you is to continually deliver fresh, fun and challenging workouts that motivate you to perform at your best so you can live a happier, healthier, more energized life. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience in fitness and am committed to inspiring you to persevere and achieve your fitness goals. All of MichelleFit.ca training programs are designed to improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance, speed, agility, balance and flexibility by incorporating all aspects of fitness training into our vigorous workout sessions. Health and wellness education, group support and continued goal setting are important factors to integrate into your fitness lifestyle therefore MichelleFit.ca provides you with the necessary tools to inspire yourself to excel and get results!

Private Training

Get the best results with personal training! Work together with your personal trainer to create a customized training program based on your needs, likes and goals. Working privately with a trainer allows you to receive constant technique monitoring, motivation and accountability to your workouts.

Semi-Private Training

Small Group Training is a great way to work with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Train with a group of motivated individuals in a semi-private setting that encourages participation, retention, progress and results!

Group Training

Group training is a great way to meet new people and have fun while pushing each other to get fit together. It’s also the most affordable way to work with a trainer. Sign up individually, with a group, or hire me to run private group training programs at your place of work or recreation.

Featured Video

Train with MichelleFit.ca ANYWHERE! This video demonstrates exercises using a log and a rock with a strength/cardio ratio of 3:1.